Nicoccino at Imbibe Live

The world as we all well know, is constantly evolving and there is nothing we relish more at PrettyGreen than being kept on our toes trying to keep up and the challenge to learn and love a cutting edge new idea or product.

So when Swedish manufacturer Nicoccino approached us to help them plan and launch their revolutionary new product into the UK, who were we to refuse? Especially as we really liked them when we met.


So what is Nicoccino? Put simply, it’s an exceptionally clever little film that delivers pure nicotine to smokers in a unique and instant way, without the harmful side effects of smoking, and is backed up by 10 years of research and development. How could you not be seriously impressed?

So we accepted the challenge of introducing this tiny but potentially controversial little film to the UK consumer and took our place at Imbibe Live at Olympia, where we wooed premium bar owners with our Swedish charm and a product that could possibly change the way smokers socialize in situations where they can’t or don’t want to smoke.

We handed out 2,359 Nicoccino sample packs in just 2 days, which accounts for an impressive 26% of everyone who attended the Exhibition and considering that’s just to smokers, we were pretty happy with the result.

It’s already causing a stir (and we love a good debate), so are looking forward to breaking new ground alongside Nicoccino. Watch this space.