New Year New Client

It’s always a hard landing the first week back after Christmas, but it was made a lot easier with the fact that we picked up a new Client. We can’t really talk about it, but a great addition to Pretty Green, and we’re really excited about the project.

We also had Thierry from The Kitchen on the Market Kitchen last week, cooking a very simple ham hock macaroni cheese, and trying to convince Caprice that sardines are great (1 out of 2’s not bad), and we’re having conversations with quite a big brand about doing a large partnership, which could be interesting.

Also quite a sad week, one of our long standing Clients, and someone Strings has worked with for years at both Stella Artois and Red Bull has moved overseas, which is a little sad, but it does mean we’ve got a great place in the sun for trips abroad.

The main topic of debate in the office last week, was whether or not it really was as cold as people kept telling us, or whether it was just the standard British trait to talk about it. Virtually every person we met would start the conversation by saying “it’s so cold”, which for Emma it was as she’d just got back from holidaying in the sun, but there was no sympathy from anyone in the office. Especially as she made everyone else look like they really were ill, even if they weren’t.