New Phone's Please

As the smell of freshly cut lawns and the grunting sounds of tennis players from around the world descends upon London in the next few weeks– PrettyGreen have been very busy in the world of women’s tennis.

The six glamorous young female tennis stars of the future have been very busy raising their profile off the court as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Hot Shots with the help of PrettyGreen.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Hot Shots reality TV show has now been running for over three months and the players from all over Europe have been up to a lot of fun in the world of entertainment.

Not only have the girls been gaining massive following on Facebook through their off court activities (and PG’s PR) they have also been flying up the world rankings on the women’s tour. This may either be a result of hard conscientious training or just feeling happier generally by working with PrettyGreen.

We have really put a lot of work in to the campaign and this is highlighted by poor Nick travelling through most of the States with the girls and being the great agency man that he is making sure that he gets to knows all of the girls extremely well and making them feel comfortable. He’d often sacrifice his glowing complexion by getting sun burnt in the Miami heat watching them train to make sure he knew all of their best strokes.

Currently leading the Xperia Hot Shot competition is the glamorous Sorana Cirstea but with Wimbledon drawing near Britain’s very own star in the making Heather Watson could be challenging her by the end of the season.

Writing this from the beautiful grounds of the LTA watching Heather train for a piece with the BBC ahead of the French Open and if PrettyGreen were a betting man (which we are) we would definitely put some money on her being Britain’s number one in the very near future and maybe even Hot Shot number one by the end of the campaign.