New Kid on The Choc

We love making new friends and this week we made a great one. Louis Barnett is an awe inspiring young entrepreneur, who, at the age of 16, already owns his own thriving chocolate business called Chokolit, after discovering he had an extraordinary passion and incredible talent for creating the sweet stuff (as well as having a business brain Branson would be envious of).

Louis already counts the likes of Sainsbury’s & Waitrose amongst his customers and is now using his extensive contacts (he’s already met Gordon Brown!) and knowledge (he is the youngest ever Chocolatier to gain accreditation from the very prestigious Callebaut Academy of chocolate making) to launch a new range of yummy chocolate bars to raise awareness and monies for a cause extremely close to his heart.

The Biting Back Bar (as well as being de-li-cious) has been specifically created to be Palm Oil free. This is important because Palm Oil is found in loads of food, cosmetics and chocolate, but its production is responsible for deforestation, which in turn is endangering the lives of many animals. The first Biting Back Bar is focussed on the plight of the Orangutan (Dark Chocolate with Orange), with 10p from each bar donated to conservation charities to help reduce the threat. You can buy one (or ten) by clicking here . And remember, like crisps, from someone
elses bag, a chocolate bar that helps animals doesn’t count….