New Balls Please! Resolution #1 Complete: Sign Andy Murray

2015 is a year of ‘New’ at PrettyGreen. New faces (welcome, Rosie and Lucy M!), fresh Living List goals (including Strings running the marathon, although he doesn’t yet know it), and an array of new hobbies, sports and other activities being taken up in January to battle those ungainly few pounds we’ve all accumulated (who isn’t?). Oh, and PrettyGreen has acquired a brand spanking new celeb in the process. Yep, we’re also proud to announce that we’ve now got our very own tennis ace on board in the form of Wimbledon champion and British number one Andy Murray!

Andy Murray for Under Armour

Andy Murray for Under Armour

The scintillating Scot has signed a four-year deal with Under Armour and is already looking every bit the supremo we’d hoped for after scooping his first trophy of the new season at Abu Dhabi last week. With four Grand Slams and umpteen tournaments on the cards for Andy this year, Team PrettyGreen are itching to get on-court if only to marvel at (and avoid) his 145mph serve, ferocious backhand and clinical volleying.

Andy Murray 2015 Under Armour

Andy Murray in Abu Dhabi 2015 wearing Under Armour

We’re all looking forward to welcoming Andy to the Under Armour roster, exploring the rigorous training regime that Andy undertakes on a daily basis and supporting him on his path to even greater triumphs and trophies. We might even see him on-court soon – who knows. That is, if we can keep PrettyGreen’s resident tennis fanboy James in the stands.

It’s fair to say that 2015 has started boldly for Under Armour, and by early impressions this only looks to be getting better, and better, and better… Long may it continue!