Mud Life Crisis

PrettyGreen thrives on immersing themselves in the brands that they work with, so with this in mind last weekend PrettyGreen took it to the next level by participating in an event that is coined as one of the ‘Toughest event’s on the planet”.

Tough Mudder powered by Under Armour is an event that sees mad dogs and Englishmen run twelve miles over undulating terrain while overcoming 29 obstacles along the way. The course was designed by a few sadist paratroopers that tests you both in energy and spirit.

PrettyGreeners ended up at the start line wanting to find out exactly how tough this event could be …they weren’t let down. Crawling through mud and stinging nettles, jumping in ice-cold rivers and being electrocuted were some of the highlights.

However we did make it across the finish line and are now thinking of when we are going to sign up for the next one. Click through if you want to see more on the event. Below sees us proudly wearing our finishing headbands (with a great sense of relief).

Tough Mudder