Movember- End of Week 3

So, it’s week three of Movember and Ben and Raymund are back on board! They’ve both returned from their travels and neither have disappointed with their tache growing efforts.

Unit 112 Clerkenwell Workshops is now reminiscent of a Victorian gentlemen’s club: intelligent men discussing current affairs, whilst stroking their moustaches in deep thought. Although it could just as easily be compared to a school playground, with the boys desperately trying to show off their masculinity whilst the girls snigger in the corner. We’ll let you decide.

No matter what the consequences of this month, there’s a greater cause at stake than pride and appearance – and that’s charity. All donations to the month of Movember go to The Prostate Cancer Charity. It’s the UK’s leading charity working with people affected by prostate cancer, so it’s a fantastic cause. We have a healthy looking collection jar here at the office, but we wouldn’t leave you out, you can join in too. Just click the link below to support us and The Prostate Cancer Charity in the month of Movember, don’t be shy!