Morphmen can be very competitive!

They say never work with children or animals, but herding 60 morphmen around London plus 2 Sugababes was a challenge that could well be added to that little adage. The problem was they all got really overexcited when we split them into their Spots and Stripes teams for the Cadbury photocall; when we said ‘look like you are pulling the rope’ in the tug-of-war picture, they actually wanted to play the game for real and it all got a bit competitive! I guess it just goes to show how the game is taking off – all people need is a bit of inspiration (or an all in one purple spotted morph suit!) and they quickly take up the mantle to start playing more. Even the Sugababes had more fun than they thought they would – both Jade and Heidi left at the end of the day saying they’d really enjoyed it and would try to come to our London event on the 11 and 12th September if they could and stock up on some chocolate obviously!. Cadbury05