More Sport Anyone…?

Well, the Olympics were amazing! Everyone at PG seems to be trying to catch their breath back while London deservedly takes it position at the centre of the sporting world. And for those already having withdrawal symptoms we can look forward to a new season of the Barclays Premier League.

The normal months of silent pubs filled with men struggling to find conversation topics have seemed to fly by this summer. This season has to step out from an impressive shadow set by Euro 2012 and the London Games but with new managers, high-profile signings and impressive kits; anticipation is at an all time high.

A new season always provides a fresh outlook, a new start and a clean slate. It’s an opportunity for new heroes and villains and as last seasons title went down to the final 13 seconds; it’s sure to be another close battle.

Excitement within the office has been bubbling for a few weeks and was only made stronger with our Under Armour & Tottenham Hotspur kit launch. Although personal team loyalties may have been stretched, the Sport, Digital and Events teams united to unveil the much-anticipated kit.

The office is packed full of football fans, we’ve got some Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs and even a Luton hopeful. The amount of teams here is only set to get the competitive side out of most of us and we’re all looking forward to some interesting post-match gloating / apologising.

So with a kit launch already under our belts; get ready, as this weekend starts another nine months of excitement, drama, controversy, highs and lows: the Premier League is back!

Prem Trophy