Maximuscle – Officially the best protein in the land

We’ve long believed that Maximuscle has the best protein products in the country…and now it’s official. Thanks to our good friends at fitness bible, Men’s Health, Maximuscle has been named Best Protein Shake in their annual awards for its Whey Protein Isolate.


As the panel of expert judges were only too willing to admit, the products high BCAA content, smooth consistency and low level fats were the key components that made it the king of the shakes when it comes to aiding long-term muscle growth goals.


This award comes only a few months since we help bring back the Maximuscle range through our integrated Home of Gains campaign and we’re absolutely delighted that the brand is already being recognised as the best in the business.


We’re off to down a few protein shakes to celebrate, cheers. 

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