Tailor your gains, with Maximuscle’s new raw ingredient protein range

What do you get when you mix 6 extremely well-built Maximuscle personal trainers, with 16 fitness media and social influencers? That’s not the start of a witty bodybuilding joke, but instead it’s the bones, and muscle, of our much-anticipated Maximuscle relaunch event.


Yes, the leading sport supplement brand that everyone and their nan knew and loved at a time when The Rock still wrestled and petrol was less than £1, is BACK. While MaxiNutrition lives on strongly, their genius men in white coats have been busy in the GlaxoSmithKline lab creating their new raw ingredient protein powder range, operating under the cherished Maximuscle name. Not only does that mean that now our Maximuscle hoodies and shakers can be used and are once again more in demand than Kim Kardashian’s jewellery, but importantly now Maxi has made it easier to ensure you can tailor your supplement package more than ever to suit your needs.



To celebrate this relaunch, and raise awareness of Maximuscle’s all-new range of BCAAs, Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate, Casein and Creatine, we held an exclusive pre-launch training session at Imperial Wharf’s impressive One Fitness (formally Alex Fitness) in London. Cue a seemingly unending supply of BCAA-filled shakers, lots of grunting, personal bests aplenty, and countless US-style high-fiving and what not. It’s fair to say our attendees all left with muscles burning and stomachs satisfied, and a kit bag bigger than Wole Adesemoye’s lats.

But what about you? Don’t fret! You can now order all your supplementary goodness in one place (HERE), and ensure your next goal, whether it’s becoming Mr Universe or simply shifting a bit of your Humpty Dumpty midriff, is closer than you ever thought possible with Maxi’s new raw ingredient range. Bring on the gains.