Made to sweat, at the launch of MaxiNutrition’s #IbizaChallenge

Many months ago, we had an idea and a belief that when people are thinking about going to Ibiza they aren’t just thinking about what club to go to, they’re thinking about hitting the gym so came up with an idea for an Ibiza Challenge. That little idea has now become a big campaign for MaxiNutrition…
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After months of prep work, we’re only days away from the nationwide launch of protein-led supplement brand MaxiNutrition’s Ibiza Challenge, a 30-day body transformation competition to find the nation’s fittest – and most transformed – gym-goers out there. The prize? A trip to Ibiza for you and two mates. The catch? Revolutionising the next 30 days of your summer to becoming a fitter, stronger, generally more physically awesome you through a champion workout and nutrition programme. (We should add, the programmes are provided by MaxiNutrition… the results are provided by you).

Before the whole thing kicks off, the heroic team at bespoke studio Duo Chelsea helped us put on a mammoth media briefing day… and it was no simple task for our attendees! Including mobility testing, posture analysis, performance testing (and lots of groaning thanks to lots of One-Rep-Max work) and a hugely detailed nutritional insight into each person’s typical intake, it’s fair to say this is far from a quick crash course.

Turns out, our attendees are actually pretty bloomin’ fit, so the next 30 days should be a doddle. We guess we’ll find out. Loaded with truck loads of MaxiNutrition product to support them towards their goals, be it cutting or bulking, we’re confident that come the start of June we’ll be flooded with lots of Day 30 photos from our proud attendees, chiselled abs and bulging biceps galore.
Workouts done, MaxiNutrition shakes consumed, our work here is done. That is, until tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And the next…

And fear not, readers. It’s not just our media getting involved in this one – everyone, including you, is encouraged to take part in this one, and you too are entitled to be in the running for a quality trip to Ibiza in time for the summer season. What’re you waiting for? Head over to (from May 10th – July 31st), upload your Day 1 image, download your tailored programmes, grab your food shop, and hit the gym. See you in Ibiza.
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