Get Voting! MaxiNutrition’s Ibiza Challenge Finalists are here…

It’s that time of the year again when everyone starts panicking that their “beach body” they promised themselves on January 1st isn’t quite ready…

Not to fear! This year, MaxiNutrition came up with the ‘Ibiza Challenge’, a solution to help kick start your summer training and diet plans – and transform your cuddly winter body into that ripped summer bod. We challenged you to follow a Maxi training plan and diet plan for just 30 days and get that body transformation you’ve always wanted, but never known how to get.

Upon signing up for the competition you must state whether you intend to ‘bulk’ (get hench) or ‘cut’ (get ripped). You will then receive your very own Maxi discount code (a tidy 50% off) where you will be directed to a page with your personalised supplement requirement based on your bulk/cut decision as well as a detailed training plan and nutrition advice from our Maxi PT’s and nutritionists. After all, it’s far from one size fits all when it comes to our bodies.

Beginning with our media launch event down at Duo Gym, a private gym in London which gave a few select media the chance to come down, get a feel for the competition and size up their opponents, the competition also gave us the chance to send out more Maxi Products than WBFF Pro Wole Adesemoye can bench press (more than you).

Team PG were not going to miss out on the opportunity to get involved with this one, with James and Rosie heading down to Duo gym smashing PB’s all over the place (James scooped a 92.5kg bench press and Rosie posed for photos) and Sam using the challenge as an excuse to drink endless protein shakes and consume roughly 284 chickens an hour.

Throughout the competition period, we received thousands of entries. To give you an idea of how tough the competition was, not even our office favourite Will Ladbury, who lost 10kg just before his wedding day, got shortlisted for his heroic efforts.

The competition may have now closed, but that only means that voting is now open!! This is your chance to become the new Simon Cowell and vote for your favourite, simply head over to MaxiNutrition’s Facebook page and get voting.

3 finalists have been announced for the 2 categories of Best Body and Best Transformation. It’s up to you to decide who wins a VIP trip to Ibiza for themselves, and two friends where they can show off their new ultimate physiques in the smallest of budgy-smugglers. Get voting!