Marketing Neologisms

Picture 7We were reading through a media presentation yesterday and we stumbled across the wonderfully silly  word (we’re being kind) VIRALOSITY. What does it mean, we hear you cry? Being clever marketing people we realised it meant the speed at which a viral video speeds across the internet to impregnate the lives of digital explorers – Or at least we think that is what it means.

Always delivered in meetings like they are actual words they so quickly become part of the marketing vernacular and we accept them as the norm. So, it our own etymological study we thought we would paw over and enjoy some brilliant examples of words and phrases that we have heard and admittedly used recently.

  • Greenlining – making your office more ‘green’ (we think)
  • Infomotion – fast moving information
  • Brandstorming – ideas for brands
  • Interflop – a failed website
  • Twiggles – Laughing outloud at a Twitter post
  • Downtrending – not sure
  • Eventize – making an event out of something
  • Recessionista – Ew!

Basically what this shows you is that as marketeers we haven’t got enough to do and not only do we not have enough to do, we also believe that current 500k words that are in the Oxford English dictionary aren’t enough and we need some more.

For the record Shakespeare had 50k words to draw from and he seemed to do alrighterville.