Marketing Hacks from Campaign Underground 2: THE ECONOMICS OF EMOTION

“Just take one learning from every speaker” was sound advice from the HERDmeister & Elvis tribute leader Mark Earls at Campaign Underground 2: The Economic of Emotion. This was 2nd in the series following The Art to Decision Making in February.


So, our favourite non-conference created an audience emotional experience; from the human lie detector, bug eating, Elvis dancing and solitary confinement through VR and using breathing for mindfulness.  Also hosting an array of guest speakers, we have condensed 4 hours of content into 5 simple marketing hacks:


EMOTION SELLS – we know this – but do we do it? We are all emotional beings and want real authentic experiences with a brand so deliver this at all customer touchpoints not just through advertising (John Lewis Head of CRM & Digital Marketing – Chris Bate


TURN THE BRIEF UPSIDE DOWN – and use the right research to understand your consumers values and then ensure your brand is reflecting these values and not shouting about product functionality (AA Head of Marketing – Cheryl Calverly


EMPATHY IS NOT A BADGE – Empathy in business directly correlates to successful corporations but know that empathy is not sympathy and it’s not a badging exercise. (Belinda Parmar OBE, The Empathy Business)


SURPRISE & DELIGHT – The team at Total Media really believe this, showing that timely surprise (not unwanted disruption) can evoke a negative or positive emotion to deliver more brand connection.


MAKE A MEMORY – PrettyGreen MD Jess Hargreaves (who presented with Chris Bates @John Lewis), made the point that to deliver authentic brand experience you must know what your audience value to ensure an exponential return on investment. Can you create euphoric recall – talkability and positive memories? You can if you think of a brand as a servant  – which can be as simple as providing luxury loos at a festival for myJL customers!