#ManOnTheMoon – Part 1

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Imagine knowing the second biggest Christmas secret after the fact that Father Christmas isn’t real (I still don’t believe it)…the theme of this years John Lewis Christmas ad.

Keeping this secret was just one half of our remit. The little detail of designing and building (overnight) the in store elements to bring the story to life across 40 stores took up the rest of our time.

Using code words such as ‘PacMan’ for the Moon and talking in moon code has been the norm at PG for the past 5 months. But we are finally live and can scream from the (Lunar Lookout) roof top how amazing it is!

Our beautiful full moon at Oxford Street celebrates this incredible theme, bringing a little slice of the man on the moon’s life to all visitors. Whilst our interactive elements across 10 stores keeps the moon magic alive through a photo op and interactive moon facts. Moontastic stuff!

To say we are proud of our part in this year’s spectacular ad is an understatement so lets all raise our hats to the #ManOnTheMoon

To find out more or to treat yourself to a little something please visit – http://www.johnlewis.com/browse/christmas/the-man-on-the-moon/_/N-7dja

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