Ludicrously Labo: PrettyGreen’s top five Nintendo cardboard creations

Here at PrettyGreen, we’ve had a whole lot of fun working on the launch of Nintendo’s new cardboard sensation, Labo, and since launch day, we’ve been keeping a close eye on social media for the most “outside the box” creations.

Here’s our top five weird and wonderful things people have done with Labo, so far:


5) The Labo Toy-Con Piano is one of the many magical things you can build out of the flat pack, cardboard sheets – but no one has yet taken it to the same extreme as Japanese musician, Geniway, who has beautifully recreated songs from Final Fantasy XIII and Splatoon.


Fun fact: Did you know that some of the earliest Grime instrumentals were created using a PS1? Including this PG fave:



4) Shoutout to Reddit user, electricpiilot, for recreating quite possibly one of the cutest Pokémon, Vulpix, into one of Labo’s vibration-controlled RC Cars. Be careful not to get too close though, as this innocent-looking creature will burn your eyebrows off in a heartbeat.






3) UPS have certainly got in the spirit of Labo by creating its very own Labo Toy-Con-Tainer – a nifty little suitcase made out of cardboard to store all your favourite Labo creations. Kudos UPS – you’ve proven yourselves to be top dogs of the packaging world.



2) Calling all animal lovers! One YouTube user has created their very own dog treat dispenser, using the vibrations of the Switch’s Joy-Cons. It’s barking mad if you ask us!

Interestingly, this innovation was developed before Nintendo Labo was even launched! Hats off for being ahead of the game.



1) The number 1 spot goes to Japanese researcher and inventor, Kentaro Yoshifuji, who, using the motorcycle Joy-Con, was able to take control of a 13-year-olds wheelchair (with permission!), enabling him to cruise the streets in true Nintendo style.



And there we have it… five incredibly wacky, but wonderful Nintendo Labo creations. Think you can do better?