Cadbury Gorilla In Our Midst

On Saturday 16th July Cadbury, accompanied by a large amount of very wet PrettyGreen-ers headed to this year’s Lovebox in Victoria Park. The mission, helped by The Cuban Brothers and a drummer in a Gorilla suit, was to up the levels of the ridiculous at the festival, by taking over the main stage to host the Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Dance-Off. Never before has a Gorilla had its own dressing room – well, portacabin – backstage at a festival!

Aside from the typical July weather making the day a wash-out the performance, which involved two finalists dancing against each other onstage, was a success as the crowd threw themselves into the spirit of the competition. The 20-minute slot provided a bit of light relief for anyone braving the downpours, as The Cuban Brothers showcased their renowned humour to a crowd of thousands. The novelty of giant clothes operated by full-sized humans still hasn’t warn off either, and characters from the latest Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Charity Shop’ advert caused a stir backstage, confusing more than one or two roadies.

The nerve-wracking 20-minute slot was the perfect finale for the campaign, as Cadbury finished with cheers, purple lights and a lot of pyrotechnics. Most importantly, it finished with people dancing… and that wasn’t necessarily because of Del La Soul and Snoop Dogg either.