Love it or Hate it, April Fool’s Day is here!

Love it or hate it, April Fools Day is just around the corner and that means that PRs across the land are furiously beavering away to finalise those mocked up images or staged photoshoots. With opinions divided on pranks gone by, we took a look at our favourites to date and found that the thing that binds them all together is comedy, and secretly, how much we really want to believe they are true!

1. Helium IPA, The Berkshire Brewing Company, 2015

When the American brewing company released this video on their Facebook page in 2015, the world went mad with excitement and the thought of getting drunk and the thrill of a Helium voice. The guys corpsing in the video and their clear delight make it all the more enjoyable!


2.The BBC (since 1957)
We couldn’t decide out all of the BBC stunts which we love the most. They sum up our British humour and always use the most respected BBC voices to coax us into believing they’re true! From the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest in 1957 to The Flying Penguins in 2008, BBC we salute you and say keep pranking!

3. Virgin Atlantic, Glass Bottom Plane, 2013
I mean if anyone were going to create a glass bottom plane, it would be Virgin Atlantic so it’s pretty believable I guess… well believable enough for Chinese news station CCTV to report it as real news… Plane tours here we come!

4. Domino’s Edibox, 2014
Domino’s Pizza reeled us in with their edible pizza box; ‘Never again will people up and down the country have to struggle getting a square pizza box into a round bin. Simply munch your way through the new Edibox safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to put the bins out that night.’ If only it were true!


5. OpenTable Taste: 4D Lickable Tech, 2016
OpenTable created the ultimate try and buy! We mainly love this one because of the image of people walking around licking their phones, just make sure you don’t have a cracked screen!


We look forward to Saturday and hope all of the brands and agencies out there can help us pepper the list and beat our all time favourites for our 2018 roundup!

Go forth & Prank!!!