Looking forward to a 5G future

Looking forward to a 5G Future 

5G is going to drive the next revolution in tech; but until the networks are up and running, it’s difficult to truly grasp what it means and build our marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Looking ahead though, some of the principle changes for brands to take advantage of include: 

1. Supersonic Download Speed 
For many, download speed is a constant frustration, particularly on mobile devices. From films to files to photos, users are not always able to access what they want, where they want; but with 5G this will become a non issue. Industry figures are purporting download speeds to become anything from 200 to 1000 times faster, meaning a full length HD film might take 120 seconds to download, versus the current 10-15 minutes.  

For brands this will be transformative. In a world where audiences need to be selective in what they download, a 5G future will ensure branded messages are available in an instant. 

Bafta 5G Shudu
BAFTA 5G Shudu character

2. Real Time Interaction  
Currently the interaction between two or more pieces of technology over a 4G network can struggle. Glitches are all too common, from Skype to Waze and no end of streaming services revealing the extent to which 4G can’t always cope. In a future where the likes of driverless cars or surgery by AI will depend on a reliable, fast and utterly stable network, 5G will make the delivery of data instantaneous and in real time. 

The opportunities this brings to brands are endless, including: 

  • Drones and bots processing data on the move 
  • More creative, innovative interaction at point of sale  
  • Shopping via AR/VR with no need to be tethered 
  • Immersive experiences anywhere 
  • Customer service applications in real time 

Three delivers 5G mixed-reality catwalk at London Fashion Week

3. Console Free Gaming  

Gamers require huge amounts of data to be transferred in real time. A single game of Fortnite, for instance, requires 100 people communicating on a continually changing landscape in real time. Currently, consoles use processors to cope with the data, but 5G will enable a seamless  “streaming” of games and the ability for cloud based gaming.  

The implication is that consoles won’t need the processors currently required, or potentially the console may be removed altogether, making gaming as simple and seamless as Netflix. 

Along with the wider entertainment industry, brands will finally be able to dive into developing truly immersive VR/ AR experiences without the fear of glitching that’s been holding us back to date. 

Fortnite mobile gaming

4. The Connected Smart Home & Family 
Increasingly, family homes are littered with electronic items that need to communicate in and outside the home. 
– lighting (phillips hue) 
– heating (nest, hive)  
– security (ring doorbell and cctv, banham alarm,  
– laptops 
– mobiles 

– voice activated devices  
– smart TV’s (samsung, LG, Sony) 
– music systems (sonos, spotify, deezer) 
– Film & TV Entertainment (Netflix, Sky) 
New 5G home “routers” will truly revolutionise our home connectivity. No more buffering or concerns about home routers and networks being able to cope with the phenomenal amounts of data being streamed into our houses. For brands, creative and rewarding partnership with home communication is likely to become more commonplace. 

Connected home

5. Voice to Video to Virtual and Hologram Calls  

Video calling still hasn’t yet taken over voice, not because people don’t like it, but because the technology isn’t stable and all too often the quality of the call is compromised. 5G will get rid of those issues and paves the way for the next step in communication – hologram calls. 

This concept, familiar in the worlds of BladeRunner or Star Wars, is coming and will ultimately become a real, everyday tool that increases the quality of our connections with both personal and business contacts.  Brands too will be able to enter this space, offering customer services or entertainment in a way never seen before.  

Vodafone holographic 5G call