Look-A-Like Multipliers

Here at PrettyGreen we love a good doppelganger especially when it involves somebody in the office.

Ben was out in his home town of Essex on Saturday and was stopped by an enthusiastic bloke who said he looked just like the guy in the film The Hangover. Ben got all big headed thinking that he meant the handsome Bradley Cooper, he was deflated when the guy replied ‘Nope the one with the baby!’ (Zach Galifianakis)

Ben has collected a sparkling array of look-a-likes in his 30 years (none of them complimentary) and it got us all thinking about PrettyGreen look-a-like multipliers…

For example:







And even…


We did think about doing a few PrettyGreen female multipliers but whenever we ask the girls who their look-a-likes are, they usually reply with some ridiculously hot Hollywood A lister. Not suggesting that our PrettyGreen girls are not a good looking bunch, but we suspect that guys on the pull in nightclubs might be to blame for this particular phenomenon….