Long term gains from a moment in time

As an Agency we talk about creating Brand Fame, that idea that you create moments of time that become part of the brand folk-lore. Stories that get re-told over and over again.


We’re so passionate about that idea, and that  “experiences” have the ability to deliver a long term returns for Clients that we decided to dedicate an episode of The Clearing to just that.


So, last Wednesday (8th March), over 50 friends of the Agency across the brand world came together at The Groucho Club, for an inspiration session.


We kicked off the session with Strings, giving an overview of our new TEER Theory, The Exponential Experience Returns Theory, that looks at how “experiences” unlike products or even appreciate assets like art, actually deliver long term returns, partly due to a psychological phenomenon called “Euphoric Recall”.


We were then lucky enough have our friends from Airbnb, Ben Kendall and Iska Upton talk about the power of experiences and storytelling. Something that is a fundamental part of both their brand DNA and their marketing DNA.


Being walked through the Pantone House experience and seeing the level of planning and detail that went into creating something that was a 360 sensorial experience, with so many “surprise and delight” touches, along with planned spontaneity and sharing moments, was incredibly inspiring.


Our friend “Judge” the Spontaneous Poet, then totally blew our minds with his ability to take the most random subject matters and turn them into a beautiful meaningful piece of prose. We’re thinking about using “Judge” to help distill huge complex pitches to a poem.


To close The Clearing was the lovely Joe Elkins, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager at Bestival, someone who has spent 10 years helping make brand “Bestival” what it is today talking about how you create a festival that creates a lasting an indelible mark on your soul, and that the “Headline” wasn’t actually the Headline.


We put on The Clearing to help our Agency friends be inspired, but secretly it’s so that we also inspire ourselves. Anyone for some Euphoric Recall. _SR21716 NSR13479