London Press Gets A Little Lighter

Evening-Standard-StandSo this week sees the end of the London Lite and the capital is back to having just one evening paper again – the Evening Standard. This is a great shame for a number of reasons, not least for PR people like us who have often relied on the brand-friendly formats of both papers to secure coverage on countless dubious stories!

The other benefit of the freesheets was their effect on the Evening Standard. In the three years since TheLondonPaper was launched the Standard has been forced to review its offering, apologise to its readers for its ‘slack’ performance and rebrand as the free London Evening Standard. The editorial quality of the Standard has improved ten-fold since competition was introduced and we hope that now its back to being the only paper in town that it won’t go back to its old ways.

Having the Standard as a free paper has also changed the landscape of London – the Standard sellers who used to stand on every street corner have largely disappeared, instead replaced by a pile of papers for people to pick up. I guess this is all part of the media revolution, and probably a cost saving, but hopefully Friday 13th, when the Lite finally disappears for good, won’t be a bad omen for the Standard.