Life On The Road

The freak showers and other meteorological oddities that Britain experiences around this time of year are a sure sign that the festival season has begun. Out in the field(s) this summer we have PrettyGreen’s intrepid festival explorer and avid beard fan Pete. Following on from last year’s DO’s and DON’Ts Guide Pete brings us a festival guide that will help you see through your summer in style, or at very least, survive it:

DO pack as much as humanly possible into your car. Packing lightly is not an option when your hitting the road and sleeping in a tent for 10 days straight. Pack everything and anything that can help you retain some kind of sense of well-being. Remember, when the boot, footwells, glovebox, parcelshelf and any remaining seats are full to the brim there’s still passenger headspace, badly rigged roof racks and, if you’re feeling brave, the drivers lap available.

DON’T be reserved. Making a fool of yourself is part of a festival. You’ll meet hundred’s of people you’ll never see again so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out that ‘new look’ and accent you’ve been holding in for oh so long.

DO improvise. Duct tape and super glue are your friends, nearly any issue, structural or medical can be fixed with our DIY buddies. Already on this year’s tour renegade flying tents have been controlled by quick thinking patch ups and dental issues fixed with the most ingenious intervention of super glue.

DON’T stick to the plan. As much time as you spend carefully planning out how to get from one stage to the next in order to see the best acts on offer, with the short attention span festival’s tend to induce it is very likely you will get waylaid by something you stumble across on the way. Don’t sweat it though, these festival moments are the ones you’ll (be more likely to) remember.

DO get hype

DON’T stop. Caffeine is your friend, lethargy is not. As per my previous festival post, power naps are to be indulged occasionally but remember, a moment asleep is a moment missed.