Life Beater

There aren’t many Agencies who can testify to have been with a Client 5 years, let alone 25 and Friday’s announcement that Lowe had resigned the Stella Artois account after 25 years, didn’t really come as a shock given what’s obviously been going on with the Account, but nonetheless a sad day in Agencyland.

I’ve got real respect for the boys at Lowe, given how long they held the Account, the number of changes at Lowe, and more importantly the number of changes at InBev over the past few years.

Having spent a number of years working on Stella (sorry Artois), I’m not sure Lowe were ever going to return to the halcyon days, not because they’re not capable (far from it) but just because there’s too much history.

We’ve all hung on to Accounts because we feel we should, and slowly watched the life being sucked out of the Account I love the fact Lowe’s resigned the Account, it speaks volumes and it shows the confidence of the new team and you’ve got to respect that.

Like the rest of Agencyland, much anticipation for the first Artois ad not to come out of Lowe. A hard act to follow. For Lowe to not be working on Stella Artois is sad day, but for Stella Artois to disappear totally off our shelves would be an even sadder day.