Oh no she diiiin't

… well by the looks of things she just has:
Queen Tweet

So it comes to pass that the old saying “don’t always believe what you read” now relates to Tweets and not just every newspaper, fictional (and non-fictional) books, Wikipedia and the rest of the Interweb.

The ‘Tweet’ above was generated using a site called Lemme Tweet that for you which enables people to create hoax screengrabs from any Twitter account and customise the text, number of RTs and favourites as well as the date and time of said ‘Tweet’.

The Daily Telegraph has already managed to make use of this by ‘tactically’ releasing this image which appears to be from The Guardians official Twitter account:
Read the Telegraph

Why this scares us:
– It means you’ll only ever be able to trust a Tweet on a website if it is embedded directly from the account responsible (and even then you may have to double check they haven’t been hacked see @BBCWeather and @BurgerKing)
– We feel ‘that Guardian Tweet’ is just the tip of the of a giant fake iceberg and we expect to see hundreds if not thousands of these from celebs, brands and anyone even remote worthy of parodying
– These screengrabs will fool A LOT of members of the public (and most probably a fair few media outlets too)
– Our social teams have already had to deal with and close down fake Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and now they have this to contend with

What we think will happen:
– Brands will need to start updating their social media crisis policy (something they should be doing anyway)
– The site will get accused and probably taken down on the grounds of fuelling libelous statements
– We will continue to send our friends faux Tweets from them saying how cool we are until it does get taken down – yes, we are that funny!

Watch this fabricated space.