Lets Get Digital, Digital, Let Me Hear Your….

comp2As it’s the New Year, we thought we should have something new.

As that digital thingy is now a fundamental element of all our PR campaigns, we felt it was imperative that we offered our Clients a team of specialists who could drive more digital campaigns, and support the existing PR teams. From social media and blogging, to on-line content creation and distribution.

We’ve spent ages thinking about a new funky name. We’ve brainstormed, we’ve briefed numerous creative teams, and it’s going to be called (wait for it). DIGITAL. It will be headed up by Ravi Mathura (as Digital Strategy Director), supported by Andy Vincent, who joins PrettyGreen from Holler as an Account Manager.

The teams fully up and running from Monday, and we’ve great  plans to build the team over the coming months (they’re even getting computers and everything).