It’s What Leigh Halfpenny Did In The Dark, That Will Put Him Back In The Light

What happens when a Wales rugby player decided he wanted to be in a dark room for 80 minutes, while his teammates are battling on pitch? Let us tell you – a lot of sweat, some serious fire-power and one brutal workout!

At 8.05pm on Friday 26th Feb, as Wales took on France in their latest Six Nations match under the floodlights of the Principality Stadium; and while most of the PrettyGreen clan were propping up the bar across the road in true Friday night roll-on-the-weekend style; our Studio team were in the deepest, darkest depths of that very stadium, with none other than Wales full-back Leigh Halfpenny, to film him on his road to recovery for Under Armour’s latest campaign, Rule Yourself.

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Leigh is recovering from injury, but that hasn’t stopped him putting in solid hours of dedication and commitment to his rehab around the clock – a true 24/7 athlete. We only wish we had that level of dedication to get to the gym, let alone avoid the Beer Crate on a Friday evening. While his teammates roared to victory above him, Leigh used the sounds of the crowd to fuel his training below, from whistle to whistle.

We asked Sian for some highlights from the filming, and got: Leigh’s back muscles on camera; Leigh re-adjusting his top during exercises; Leigh smashing out 20 pull ups after being asked to do one; oh, and something including small pants and pizza…

The ultimate highlight was filming the final shot, at 10pm, when he found out his team had won – in ONE take. Saying ‘that’s a wrap’ never felt so satisfying. Take a look at the video here.