Taking Raptors on the rampage around the UK. An experiential tour with LEGO and Universal

Jurassic World – the title alone, muttered by adults and children-alike inspires images of long-extinct, wonderful creatures, galloping around a tropical island…potentially out to kill us all…


This summer saw the release of the second instalment in the recent Jurassic World franchise – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. With Chris Pratt back as Owen leading the charge, the movie was set to break box office records and continue the story about the lovable raptor Blue and the fate of the dinosaurs on the almost-forgotten island.


And it wasn’t just the movie release that fans could look forward to but also the accompanying brand activations, special edition ‘trophies’ and stunts that go hand-in-hand with such huge box office releases.


To celebrate the launch of the movie, and their range of new LEGO Jurassic sets, PrettyGreen were excited to work with LEGO, the Natural History Museum and Universal to create a 360 campaign to drive excitement and purchase.


To kick the campaign off, working with TfL and the museum, PrettyGreen took visitors on a dino-tastic journey before they even set foot inside the majestic venue. As visitors left South Kensington tube station and made their way along the tunnel to the museum, they were greeted by eight teaser posters and lenticulars. ‘Jurassic World is coming!’ they screamed. Posters that looked torn apart, revealing a glimpse of gnarling teeth and claws set the scene for the rest of their walk. Better keep your wits about you….


As they ventured further along the tunnel they were greeted with four huge 9m posters, all looking torn apart by rampaging dinosaurs, revealing scenes created from the new LEGO sets. From Owen being reunited with Blue , to a hint of the killing machine hybrid Indoraptor dinosaur, passers-by were treated to a sneak peek into the new LEGO sets and what lay in store for these creatures from the past…was that a volcano erupting??


With everyone fully in the mind-set that there may way be a dinosaur lurking around the corner, when they emerged from the tunnel and thought they were safe, they were greeted by Blue herself. Full size, made from 27,000 LEGO bricks, visitors gingerly approached to have their picture taken – taming the raptor, just like Owen.


The rampage continued around the UK, with LEGO Blue making appearances in Leeds and Manchester – never failing to amaze and stop people in their tracks. Best keep your wits about you UK – you never know when you might stumble across a Dinosaur!