LEGO Imagination Factory – Smyths Activation

The PrettyGreen Events team ended up spending their May bank holiday in retail parks all over the UK (some of us have serious shopping problems!) Whilst there, we came across the LEGO Imagination Factory at 12 Smyths Toy Stores all the way up in chilly Edinburgh right the way down to sunny Bournemouth!


We bumped into our old friend “ Brick” Astley the LEGO master builder who scanned us with his imagination scanner and we were relieved that we scored 10 out of 10 for imagination! We then had a little sit down in the LEGO brick pit and got creative on the LEGO Graffiti Wall.


We witnessed some extreme LEGO builds from some very imaginative kids who built some things we could never have built when we were five, including a 3ft snake and a 3D dog called Bob.

Those little builders got to take a gift of LEGO home for being so talented and to counter our jealousy we went off to buy our own LEGO from Smyths (one of the only benefits of being an adult is you can buy your own LEGO!).


Where will the LEGO Imagination Factory pop up next?