Left is best

Leonardo Da Vinci, John Mcenroe, Bill Gates, Kermit, Ayrton Senna, Robert De Niro, Abraham Lincoln, Spike Lee, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill are just a few of the famous left-handed geniuses.

Research has shown that left-handers are more intelligent and creative and have the upper hand in a fight because of the element of surprise. Winning on all accounts we’d say.

However being a lefty at school wasn’t easy when you have to start writing in ink pen and you spend most of your day using an ink eraser to correct all of your smudging, or you have to sit on a table with all of the other left-handed people during exams. Cutting with scissors can be a real problem when resources on left-handed scissors are low.

Playing rounders for instance – everyone shouts ‘lefty’… Well on International Left Handers day, today on Wednesday 13th August, all the right handed people can shout lefties and we’ll rejoice.

The left-handed PrettyGreen team below. #lefthandersday


Sarah Swinfin


Bea Foster

Bea Chew

Jack Swallow

Oh and here are some top dog lefties in action.