Le Tour de PrettyGreen

It might not come as a shock but here at PrettyGreen we give two thumbs up to green living.

So when smart generously lent us a dozen of their fantastic ebikes to take for a spin around our London playground – and after giddily handing out invites to a few eager journalists – we grabbed the handlebars with both hands.


After a full briefing on the bike, its features and functions and a few words from our tour guide kitted out in hi-vis, we set out to test our (or, more accurately, our ebikes’) stamina.

What’s an electric bike, you say?

PrettyGreeners joined smart staff and six daring journos as we took to the City roads. With the sun out to play, we traded PrettyGreen’s Farringdon HQ in favour of Finsbury Park’s greenery goodness and the challenging hills of North London.


Waiting with arms aloft, our refreshment-bearing support staff on location were quick to refuel us with the finest coffees and buffalo-milk ice cream this side of Milan. All that troubled us was ‘why aren’t we sweating?!’ Surely the hilly trip to Hampstead would make us work that bit harder.


How we were wrong. Psychologically prepped to obliterate any incline that dared cross our path, our riders and their ebikes trounced any sign of a steep gradient as we effortlessly sauntered to each peak.

Tour leader: 15 degree climb ahead!

Party: Easy. Ebike! Engage optimum drive level!

(disclaimer: ebikes not actually voice activated)

Having shown those pesky hills that we (well, our bikes) meant business, Parliament Hill and our second rest stop arrived quicker than you can say electric. With stunning views across London, we’d definitely chosen our out-of-office time wisely.



Laughing manically at the hills we breezed over, the journey to our next stop for a light lunch barely felt like exercise.


As the troops refreshed in the midday sun at the Garden Gate restaurant in Hampstead, we started to get the feeling that if we didn’t leave soon we never would. We made a swift return to the saddle before the beer taps could draw us in. Don’t drink and ride, kids.

As we cycled down Regent’s Canal – the home straight – everyone agreed that after the heroics of Froome, Cavendish and Wiggins in recent years, the Tour de PrettyGreen really topped off a great period in British cycling.

Roll on next year’s edition.