Launching Hasbro’s Advocacy Programme

Last year Hasbro challenged PrettyGreen to create a fame-driving advocacy programme to encourage authentic brand advocacy with mega celebrities who have a genuine love for boardgames. 

The question we set ourselves was – “we know there’s a host of famous boardgame fans out there, how can we kickstart a network to stimulate a two-way connection with them?”

Our response was a tactical approach to personalise gifting to foster authentic relationships with some of the UK’s biggest names in entertainment.

We established a network of 10 Hasbro VIPS (Very Important Players) – a community of well-known boardgame fans selected for their relevance and authenticity to the audience. From Ferne Cotton, through to Candice Brathwaite, Adam Thomas and Rylan – a whole host of celebrities graciously accepted the opportunity to be a part of Hasbro’s squad and received

a bespoke gaming unit with name personalisation and a customisable wheel to help lucky players decide (which of the six Hasbro Classic games to play!) 

Packaged in recyclable wrapping with POP bakery treats and a welcome letter, the Hasbro VIP welcome packs were sent out just ahead of the Christmas holidays to encourage celebs to get competitive with a family games night and share the fun on social.

Hasbro received a load of credible brand love as a result of the activity with 13 posts reaching an estimated 7.5 million people across a key purchasing period. 

Not only that, the campaign helped galvanise a two-way connection with a community of genuine fans we can continue to nurture through our Hasbro Advocacy programme. Nice work team! 

Candice Brathwaite posted three infeed posts playing with the personalised gaming units