La La Grunt Grunt

Last week saw Claire hot foot it across the Atlantic on a special photographic mission with Maria Sharapova for Sony Ericsson. The last minute assignment gave her just 48 hours in LA to help co-ordinate some stateside shooting. It would appear Maria is as spellbinding in real life as on court with reports being in the vein of ‘She is a total goddess’ and after a bit of court side viewing we can confirm that the grunts are not just a performance affect but part of this formidable woman’s style. Arriving in the middle of Carmaggedon (the 53 hour closure of the 405 freeway) Claire can report that the hotel rooms, ‘freeways’ and tennis courts of California are very nice indeed.

Another point of interest that Claire discovered on her stopover at Schiphol might come under the banner ‘only in Amsterdam’ – possibly the niftiest bit of commuter equipment – the scooter-trolley or we prefer ‘Suit and Scoot’ – Seeing is believing!