PrettyGreen and Audible announce The Kurupt FM PodKast

At the start of the month PrettyGreen assisted Audible in announcing its latest podcast and the transgression of Kurupt FM from the TV to a new podcast series; to be released on the 4th of next month.

Again highlighting Audible as the content driven platform adding another series of original material to a diverse library of podcasts and Audible books. 

The series sees the stars of the BAFTA award winning People Just Do Nothing host a podcast that will feature a variety of special guests from Michelle (Lily Brazier, People Just Do Nothing, Juliet, Naked, Wannabe), Celeste Dring (This Country, The Windsors) and Mark Silcox (Rovers, Man Like Mobeen) amongst others. 

In between beats and bars, the boys hold forth on a range of topics including technology, relationships, survival, fashion and the supernatural. It sees the crew take calls, welcome drop-in guests, run DIY ads, give shout outs and offer all-manner of life advice to listeners. Amongst others, fans will get to hear about Steves’ plan for how to survive feral living in Richmond Park; will get the low down on MC Grindah’s new design for the sofa of the future; and will hear the boys crack the case of Brentford Studio’s biggest mystery. 

MC Grindah, head of Kurupt FM, said: “This is what you’ve all been waiting for, a podcast that’s actually good, not just one that weird freaks in suits listen to on the train!” 

Chabuddy G, manager of Kurupt FM, said: “I can’t believe these idiots. Paying just to hear us chat. I didn’t even get changed, I recorded most of the podcast in my boxers mate!” 

On announcement, the team secured coverage across: trade, lifestyle, music, comedy, national print and national online press with further interviews to come discussing the podcast in the coming weeks – so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime feast them on some coverage highlights below:
Kurupt FM Are Starting Their Very First Podcast – Check Out An Exclusive Clip Here