MMA is not just for girls…

5 MMA fighters, a Gif booth, punchbags, a feast of burgers, nachos and fries, photo standees of ripped mens’ bodies, protein shake cocktails (oh…they are lush) and a MMA cage…..the list goes on… And it’s just a regular Wednesday night for the girls at PrettyGreen!

This Wednesday was no exception as we hosted an exclusive screening for our fab clients Virgin Media of their new TV show, Kingdom.

We had sparring in the MMA cage, wrestling dummies on the mat, getting to see UFC champion Brad ‘one punch’ Pickett and his crack team of MMA fighters wrestling each other and eating our body weight in meat (you need to eat a LOT of protein to be a world class MMA fighter), as we joined a room of very fun and very excited journalists to see the first episode of Kingdom.

*Quick spoiler alert*

It’s set in Venice Beach, California (my spiritual home) in a local MMA gym called Navy St and the show follows the story of family and their daily struggles to run the gym, train fighters, deal with 2 fighter (and fighting) sons and an ex wife with a drug & alcohol problem. Add to that realistic fight scenes and a good dose of sex and drugs….you have prime time Friday night viewing!

So tune in on 1st April at 8pm to Virgin on Demand…..and be warned there is a cliff hanger to end episode 1!!

Here’s a few gifs to show you what went down!

Sian releasing some work related frustration
Rosie knocking out her man
Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett and the team…errr raving??
Fran and Jade…posing
Ella…actually MMA fighting