Ever have that feeling where you wish you were five years old again? Well, a group of lucky PrettyGreeners stepped into the PG time machine and transported ourselves back to being a child – taking a team trip to KIDZANIA.

Open for adults for one night only, Kidzania is normally an interactive experience for 4 – 14 year olds but that definitely didn’t stop team PG diving in headfirst and making the most out of everything. Want to try and be a racing car mechanic for the day? Well you can and we did. We also don’t want to brag but we did come in fastest in the tyre changing competition (Lewis – we are here if you need us, just say the word).

We styled some hair in the beauty salon – Jade won with her “hangover chic” quiff and Joseph tried to get away with a bun (poor form Joe). We also couriered some boxes, protected some SERIOUS amounts of cash in the city vault and watched the big bosses Jess and Kate strut their stuff in the H&M catwalk show. They ROCKED leopard print dressing gowns and oversized suitcases as an added accessory. A few of us even transplanted a liver in the town hospital… which has since been described as “Genuinely the stuff of nightmares” by events team Jack – but we thought we did a pretty sturdy job. You could also become a firefighter, try and track down the stolen rucksacks as a Policeman and even give radio presenting a go!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 14.30.38

And the added bonus, we actually got paid to do each job. Okay fine, it wasn’t actually money but you would exchange your ‘Kidzos’ for a sparkly wand or a pretty hairband in the Kidzania department store.

Despite nailing the surgery and changing a formula 1 tyre in a world-breaking time*, we don’t think anyone found their calling in life. Back to PR/Events we go….

*not factually accurate

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 14.30.22