Just Having a Lovely Time OnBlackheath

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Friends of the PrettyGreen team will have picked up on the fact that the bulk of us like to think we are cool and live in various spots across East, North and West London, meaning that we don’t tend to cross the river very often.

Well, what a mistake that’s turned out to be because last weekend, we had a bloody ball in one of South East London’s greenest fields – Blackheath Common.

Picture the scene; It’s 9.30am on Saturday morning, a gaggle of us are being briefed on our roles by Sian and wondering what the weekend will bring… would we see Grace Jones queueing for the porta loos and posting selfies? Would Massive Attack let us sing along on stage with them if we asked nicely?  And perhaps most importantly, would Gizzie Erskin please come and make us breakfast every day for the rest of our lives?

We didn’t get the answer to any of these questions because we were busy working hard and running special areas to take care of the lovely John Lewis guests at the festival, BUT we did have a proper laugh whilst doing it. Here’s some of the team’s most memorable moments (and a couple of utterly ridiculous photos) – we can’t wait until next year!

  • – Riding a golf buggy all over the field and calling it a ‘Whip’
  • – Bringing a touch of Barbados to Blackheath – palm trees should be an essential part of any London park
  • – Meeting a man called Snail (yes, Snail. Though his passport may say something different)
  • – Sitting in a very dark tent, ready to greet any late night guests with a smile
  • – The ultimate blagger turning up twice (and name dropping his mum in an epic attempt to get in)
  • – Watching Massive Attack kill it on stage
  • – Drinking flaming sambucas and Fontaine Choco Loco Coco’s (totally delicious and definitely not going to result in a sore head)
  • – Eating hunks of delicious steak whenever we could
  • – Laughing with clients over plenty of red wine
  • – Hosting the nicest people and giving them a day they would remember
  • – Colouring in with kids (it really is the simple things which are often the most joyful)
  • – Discovering THE BEST CAKES IN THE WORLD and eating lots of them

A big thank you to Lucy, Craig, Rachel and the numerous other Partners who helped out from John Lewis and made our job so much fun, and also a shout out to Harvey and his team for making working onsite such a simple process.

PS – has anyone seen the keys to our golf buggy? Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 16.19.29

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