Join us

We’re looking for people to pass our Christmas lunch test

5 Reasons to Join Us

We work with some of the best Brands in the world

We seek a great personality and talent

We believe that work should be about creating life defining moments

We pay well and have a great benefits package

We think work should be fun

5 Reasons to Stay Away

You like working in a quiet office

You’re rude and arrogant

You don’t know what an integrated campaign is

You’re not passionate about what you do

Your current company would say good things just to get rid of you

A Bit More About The People At PrettyGreen

We recruit nice people! It might sound somewhat trite, but it’s as simple as that. If you got stuck next to them at a Company dinner, would you try and move? We hope at PrettyGreen you wouldn’t. That’s the most important thing. We believe Clients want to work with people, they don’t often have to. 

The second thing we look for is exceptional talent that might be easily demonstrated via a proven track record or it might just be that it’s hidden. We don’t want or need prima donnas, or arrogant people. Generally at the end of the day, what we do isn’t really that important. We don’t save lives, or solve world issues; crudely put we help brands sell more. Or as someone once said “we make people buy things they don’t really want”.

We’re bound together by a collective spirit to help Clients achieve Brand Fame, alongside a set of mantras. Simple beliefs that provide a frame-work, boundaries and guiding principles.

As a relatively small business, or even as we become a bigger business, we’re always going to be a hands on business. There’s no room to hide and we hope there never is. We all have a job to do, and together we do it well. 

Know Someone Looking? 

If you know someone looking, we pay £1,000 for every referral that leads to us taking someone on permanently.