A taste of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen at John Lewis

In our role as image protectors, enhancers & moulders we encounter many brands and people we hold in high esteem and its always a bloody great day when the image you hold of someone you admire is not let down by the reality. Long sentence but that’s pretty much what happened this week when we launched ‘A taste of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen at John Lewis’.

Jamie Oliver John Lewis

Two brands we have long admired came together in what seemed like an all too obvious partnership. Claire, Susie and Sian worked through the night to create a pop-up Fifteen restaurant in the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis. Jamie turned up not only to have a chat with the best customers but also to whip up some food in the basement of the store as part of the promotion. Taking time to speak to everyone involved he was both humble, engaging and a smashing bloke. He even signed a pound note for the PrettyGreen gallery – Thanks Jamie.

JamieOliverClaire(spot Claire trying to hide from the shot)

The restaurant is open all week so if you fancy a taste of Fifteen at John Lewis call 020 7073 0626