Proud to be part of a humbling Christmas campaign from John Lewis

We’ve been lucky enough to work with John Lewis for the past three years, and like everyone else in the world we’ve watched the Team at John Lewis and Adam & Eve create something very special every Christmas.

Regardless of the fact that we’ve spent nearly eight months looking at a #ManOnTheMoon, arguing, debating, exploring everything from telescopes, balloons, huts, aeroplanes, benches, moons, universes, etc. etc. there is a natural wonder as to whether this is, or will be, better than the last.

It’s not a lie to say that the marketing world sees the John Lewis Christmas campaign/ TV Ad as the standard by which you are judged, and the one you must beat. But what we love about this year’s campaign, probably more than any other, is the message and the charity connection underneath it.


Historically it’s been about children and (nuclear) families, yet this year’s move and association with Age UK takes it to another level. It feels brave, yet incredibly poignant. It’s all too easy in this day and age to think about the next generation at Christmas, when actually the older generation warrant just as much love and attention. It’s not just about their physical welfare, it’s also about their emotional welfare, which is why this year’s campaign brings a tear to the eye.

Will it be the most entertaining ad on TV/ YouTube? No. But that’s what’s so refreshing about working with John Lewis; every year you’re expected to do something different, something magical, and something that emotionally connects, and we’re really proud to have been part of the journey and to be bringing the campaign to life through experiences in-store.