James Bulger a Lose Lose Case

The James Bulger case for many is the Moors Murders of our time. There’s probably nothing more emotive than the death of a child, change the word to murder and the temperature quite rightly races past boiling point.

The dilemma that the Bulgar case throws up, is what to do with two 10 year olds who are failed by their parents and society, possibly inherently evil, who commit such a shocking crime. It’s an exceptionally difficult one to navigate around. The fact is, it’s a lose lose situation for everyone and anyone.

The parents of James, can never be compensated enough for their loss, but more importantly our system and society is now more geared to help the perputrators of such crimes, not the victims:-
– Are Ralph or Denise provided for in the same way as Thompson or Venables?
– How much money did our system give to the Bulgar family to help them survive this ordeal?

In our desperate attempts to prove that 10 year olds are turned evil by our society and it’s failings, we pump millions into two retraining and protecting two individuals. But today’s headlines seem to indicate that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Jack Straw and the media are somewhat tied by the legal issues around “fair trial” and “presumption of innocence” which means the rumour mill is in full flow, but it would appear that despite so many peoples good intentions, at least one bad apple still would appears to be rotten to the core (or once again have the Authorities failed to act when they should have done).

It’s all to easy to become pious and indignant at others failing, but the reality is we all have our part to play. Someone has to make the difficult decisions around these issues. However if such an evil crime was ever committed again by two 10 year olds, should or would we just throw away the key. The answer should be no, aren’t we a better society for still believing in the goodness of the human spirit, without that aren’t we destined to become another Roman Empire?

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about something must more light-hearted, like can you ever eat too many Flakes in the name of work, should Absinthe become the new drink of choice, why don’t Nando’s offer gloves to men who go to the toilet after extra hot Peri Peri chicken wings.