IT’S TIME for UFC London

What are we most looking forward to about UFC London?


The much anticipated 10th London event is jammed packed with talent and fierce rivalry. So ahead of this, our very own in-house UFC expert, Ben Davies, has analysed the 5 things we should be looking forward to the most:


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  1. The Battle of the Big Boys


Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum is set to take on a dangerous contender in Alexander Volkov. It’s the veteran with the most to lose, having already stated he wants another shot at his former title. Werdum is the favourite going into the fight against former Bellator Heavyweight champion Volkov. He’s not to be underestimated though with three wins in his UFC fights since coming over from stints in Bellator. It’s an interesting matchup but one we think Werdum should win comfortably.



  1. The Brits Stealing The Show


The roster of homegrown talent on the card is amazing. Headlining the event is Jimi Manuwa, this fight is crucial for him. Win and it puts him right in contention for a title shot. Lose and he’ll find himself falling even further down the pecking order than before. In the prelims, there is a representative from the UK in every fight. With Dany Roberts and Paul Craig the ones to watch out for as both are in need of wins to kickstart their careers.



  1. Return of The Count (sort of)


Michael Bisping missed out on the chance to have his retirement fight in London. He’s attending as a special guest fighter – will he be announcing anything over the weekend? Fans want to see a third fight with Luke Rockhold, and let the UFC legend have the farewell fight he deserves. He needs to finish on a high having been utterly humiliated in China. A fight that he should never have agreed to. Bisping has put his body on the line for UFC time and time again, therefore, deserves a heroes departure. Would another title shot be too much to ask?



  1. World Class Analysis – Dan Hardy


The UFC fighter turned commentator is pure gold on the mic. He’ll once again be ringside interviewing the fighters and getting the post-match reaction. With his background in the sports, he’s in the unique position of relating to the fighter which makes his commentary more insightful than the likes of Joe Rogan who has never stepped in the ring.



  1. Bruce Buffer


UFC wouldn’t be the same without its infamous announcer. Fighting fans will be on the edge of their seats when he walks to the centre of the ring and delivers his catchphrase. With his brother Warren Buffer announcing the biggest fights in Boxing, the pair dominates the fighting hype world. It wouldn’t be the same without him.



There is only one way to sign off this blog….IT’S TIME for UFC London.