It’s The Taking Part…

It’s that time of year when the talented and the beautiful are rewarded for their contributions to the arts. From the Baftas to the Brits to the Oscars to the Grammys there seems to be a lot of back slapping going on right now!

The Brits yet again seemed to purport the wonderful trait of  British awkwardness – can no one get this delivery right? Ok, it has to be scripted but with 2 incredibly talented comedians and a pop icon centre stage it really should have been funnier than that… Funny enough to make Kylie’s face move at least… Coke seized the opportunity to launch their association with Duffy, which, considering her clean sweep was incredibly intuitive(?!?)  The ad… Classic Coca Cola, but it didn’t tick all the boxes for everyone in the office, but it might be a grower or a male female thing. Classic Mother, but Classic Coke? Not sure, but on the money with Duffy either way. We’re just not sure about Duffy though, reminds us a little bit of Ed the Duck crossed with a chain smoking lark!

And the envelopes kept opening as the eminence of the Oscars delivered the wonderful frocks, the ‘I’ve rehearsed this all my life but I am trying to sound breezy’ speeches and another triumph for British talent courtesy of Kate and Danny flying the flag.

Strings has been getting all Steve Martin on us and has started dishing out the awards for excellent work and behaviour in the Green House. We’re yet to start making acceptance speeches though, but we have been working on a great brief that involves lots of dresses, so the ladies may be sorted for what to wear if that ones comes off.

We’ve also been delving deep into our psyche’s this week, so we know we know who’s going to be better at the acceptance speaches than others, with time spent with Myers Briggs… It would appear we are a team of ENF’s (with variants- P or J) whilst Emma is an ISTJ… Clearly the guardian and protector… See what you are: