It's Life Defining

Every year we have a Life Defining List, where we’ll contribute towards PrettyGreeners achieving something which they’ve always wanted to do, which helps your year be a little bit more Life Defining.

This years list is as ever, really inspiring.
Bea – Swim with a shark

Charlotte – A cup of tea up the shard

Em’s – Learn to meditate

Emma W – Learn Yoga

Strings – Attend “Do Lectures’

George – Learn to Drive

Mark S – A Vineyard Tour

Zack -Learn how to use aerial silks

Jim – Cycle from London to Whitby

Kate – Know Bordeaux’s from Burgundy’s

Faye – Take part in Nuclear Rush the cross country race

Lucy Porter – See the Northern Lights

Jess H – Take part in a Sprint Triathlon

Rhea – Learn to drive and pass my test

Lynsey – Get a makeover

James – Complete a sprint Triathlon

Ben – Learn how to do pilates

Henders – Visit a new European City

Susie – Scare myself to death driving a performance car round a track

Joe – Take a Taxidermy class

Leigh – Camp in National Park of Grand Canyon

Emily – Learn to dance like Beyonce

Claire Mac – Go to Paris, have a glass of wine, some cheese then see the Mona Lisa

Jack S – Turn £100 into £1000 on eBay

Tim – Kayak the Thames