It’s all your Vault

To raise social awareness of the fact that Cadbury have launched a range of bars where those who Unwrap Gold win London 2012 tickets.

The hunt is officially on! The bars have been dispatched from Joyville to shops all around Great Britain. There could be one in the shop just down the road from you!


We created the @CadburyUK #UnwrapGold Twitter Vault and placed a winning Unwrap Gold bar inside. We then locked the vault and set everyone the challenge of guessing the four digit code to open it.

The Vault is only accessible to people with a Twitter account and players are allowed three guesses every 24 hours. Their first guess is Tweeted from their account and shared with followers.

Unwrap Gold Vault blog pic

The game was launched in conjunction with the #100daystogo and the #UnwrapGold hashtag which were promoted on Twitter. Within 24 hours the number of attempted break-ins to the Vault had topped 3,000.

At the time of writing, no one has managed to guess the correct code and unlock the Vault (not even us – see above). There are five pairs of London 2012 tickets to be won, so why not try your luck at

For more details on the Cadbury Unwrap Gold campaign visit: