It's A Secret (so maybe it should stay a secret)

Now we’re not 9 – 5 or Mi5, but we’ve been talking about the moral debate currently faced by the Government over Libya – When is it acceptable for a Governments Agencies to buddy up to the opposition (and when do you totally ignore the Human Rights Act/ Geneva Convention for the protection of the Country.


Libya had terrorists, when we thought they were the terrorists, and their Terrorists, were worse than the original Libyan Terrorists. So rather than having two Terrorists, Mr Blair and BP (allegedly), decided to make 1 Terrorist.

Makes sense to us (we think).

However, when you’re putting people on a flight knowing they are going to be tortured (and it’s not because they have to eat the Easyjet sandwiches) isn’t that just a little bit naughty.

When is it acceptable for us to break the moral codes, and legal ones in pursuit of our protection, and a belief that we are right, versus other nations beliefs?

That said, if you could stop a rogue nation having nuclear bombs, another 9/11, or Lockerbie, wouldn’t you buy that single to Tripoli for the person in question.

The problem with the media at the minute, is that they tend to try and sanitise a very dark and dirty world that involves people willing to kill themselves and others in the pursuit of what they believe, plus there being a lot of money and jobs involved.

As the line goes “You can’t handle the truth”. And maybe we can’t, but sometimes in a 24/7 always on media world, some things are better off being a secret as the reality of the world we live in, is actually quite dark.

Just think if we didn’t, none of us would ever get to experience the joy of Father Christmas.