It's A Close Call

A great video of Matt Hall talking through his Qualifying day in Windsor, the fourth stage of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2010. Watch his mother’s reaction to the near crash

But a few inches here, a twist of fate somewhere else and we’re in a very different scenario. As PR professional’s we are always watching the news agenda, trying to ascertain when is a good time to sell-in and when we should wait. Some days you get a truly grateful response from writers desperate to fill their pages; other days it’s like selling death insurance to the infirm. Not pretty. The reality is that most of the time it is impossible to second guess. So when you have a carefully planned out strategy that is unwaveringly time sensitive and a story of one of the most heinous crimes this century breaks in Cumbria, you have a duty to be both professional (for your client) and sensitive (to news teams who are thrown into a difficult day of research and reporting)

So we decided last week to implement the campaign as planned but with sensitivity – we tried to bring an element of light to a dark day and tried not to be annoying, fluffy PR people (as much as possible)…

Our story – the end of Cadbury Flake’s iconic end line ‘crumbliest, flakiest chocolate’ and the launch of the new ad due to run on Channel 4 on Tuesday night at 8.30pm. It broke with The Guardian and the story ran in The Sun, The Express, The Metro and The Star, so it just goes to show – you never quite know but being aware always helps.

The ad is a step away from the overt sexuality of the previous ads and focuses on the delicacy of the product through a metaphor of one girl in her yellow dress. We like it, we think it’s contemporary, yet timeless, haunting, yet beautiful. Definitely a classic Flake ad. Great work from Fallon and Cadbury.