It Could Be You

Last week Lucy spent the day at a talent I.D. session run by the British Paralympic Association, as Cadbury, provides volunteer support as part of their London 2012 sponsorship.

The day was a chance for sixty or so young men and women with various disabilities to try their hand at a number of different sports, from wheelchair tennis to sitting down volleyball, in the hope that some may have the raw talent to be signed up to the Paralympics GB squad.

The BPA say that they can turn a novice into a medal hope within 18 months so there is a very real chance some of the attendees yesterday will be on the podium in London in 2012.

The day was inspiring and educational – did you know that you don’t need to be in a wheelchair to play wheelchair basketball?

It made us think that talent I.D. days should be held for everybody, disabled and able-bodied. We may have a whole county full of people who are naturally suited to the bobsleigh but because they’ve never tried it, they stick to computer games and football instead…

What was more eye opening, was the brutal fact that most people aren’t born disabled, it’s luck or bad luck that in the majority of cases leads to a disability. We hope that London 2012, helps show the great British public that disability doesn’t mean mentally or physically unabled, it’s just (extra) ordinary people playing sport.

After last week we’ll definitely be queuing up for our tickets to the Paralympics come 2012 and will be rooting for Jeremy, Chloe, Sarah, Fiona, Liam, Stephen and Phil to all win medals!