Is Technology the new Beatles?

Hoping to start the week with a burst of inspiration the Deezer team went to Music Tank’s event themed around the marriage of music and technology.

The lively seminar guided us through the newest, most exciting and sometimes rather bizarre music companies out there who are creating a unique digital music renaissance. We were presented with a range of new music that apparently could revitalise the music business in the form of digital and internet technologies.

The first sounds came from a silicon piano designed to increase the bandwidth of interaction between people and technology – confused? You can watch more below.

From one quirky (yet rather impressive) idea to another, and up came Nu Desine’s AlphaShere. Effectively, this spherical instrument-of-sorts allows you to fuse samples and sound effects into one unique remix. Again, check it out for yourselves below.

Talks of the more usual kind followed from SoFar sounds, a group devoted to delivering the truest of acoustic performances. Phones in pockets, mouths closed, audiences are given secret location details before turning up, silently, to a house, and watching a live gig – it’s that simple a concept. For the fans, this means no pesky tablets in your line of vision, no slurred lyrical geniuses hurting your ears and, for once, a chance to really captivate the atmosphere of a song. So simple, but so effective.

Then came Musion. Now, most of you won’t have heard of Musion – we hadn’t either – but we’re all aware of that Tupac hologram at Coachella two years ago. Well, that’s Musion. From our brief introduction to the brand we learned three things:

1) Holographic images are really, really hard to perfect and require hours of intensive work to get right

2) When perfected, holographic images get coverage. Plain and simple, 6 minutes of projection gave Musion worldwide recognition.

3) We want to be Musion so much

Inspired, astounded, impressed, we departed. Whilst it looks like the future of tech is impossible to predict just yet, it’s certainly looking like technology really could be the new Beatles. Looks like All You Need Is Tech.